What is Big Team?

Big Team’s goal is to try and open up opportunities for young people in the city who have traditionally been excluded from the festival industry, starting with our own company and events – with a long term goal to make our events more inclusive spaces by diversifying groups who create, contribute to and attend them.

We aim to open up the sector to young people (primarily aged 16 – 24) who would usually face social or economic barriers to access, and address issues of underrepresentation in the sector’s workforce and audiences.

The Big Team Story

We established Big Team CIC in March 2019 to a large extent as a response to a growing realisation of the inherent but unintentional “exclusivity” of both our company and the industry as a whole. The networks developed by us and other like minded companies within our “progressive” field have ended up being as difficult to penetrate as more traditional industries commonly viewed as elitist.

Whilst aware that tackling the wider systemic issues is beyond our reach, after reflection we felt that, actually, we could do something at a hyper localised level to start to address our own lack of representation, to offer some actual entry points into both our company and others within our network and have some small but tangible results and Big Team was founded to deliver projects for positive social change.

Big Team Projects

The Summer Placement Scheme – Big Team’s Summer Placement Scheme facilitates young people to gain paid experience within the music festival sector. A range of companies involved in different areas of festival production are supported to host placements and by doing so benefit from a broadening of their team to include new, dynamic members. The young people gain direct industry experience whilst widening their networks.

St Paul’s Adventure Playground Fundraiser – Big Team worked with The Adventure Playground, ACE and Team Love to develop a project aimed at celebrating the city’s music scene whilst raising vital funds for the playground and giving young people valuable work experience. In September 2019 over 1000 people attended an all-day event at the Playground and over £18,000 was raised.


  • Babbasa
  • ACE
  • Bristol Festivals
  • St Paul’s Carnival
  • St Paul’s Adventure Playground
  • Plaster
  • Bristol 24/7

Get in Contact

Big Team is all about working together. If you would like to get involved, collaborate or just find out more about what we do then get in touch.

Email: [email protected]