Equal Opportunities, Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace – Policy for Team Love and Big Team CIC 

Policy Statement
Team Love is committed to being an equal opportunities organisation. We understand that a good/productive working environment is achieved through recognising and appreciating the value of each member of staff as an individual. As a company we aim to create a positive working environment that respects the diversity of its staff , where they feel respected, whilst enabling them to contribute fully, give their best and enjoy their time with the company.


We are committed to:

Reasonable Adjustments


Team Love aims to support its disabled staff by making reasonable adjustments wherever possible to prevent any disadvantage. Throughout this process the individual will be asked to indicate the types of adjustment that may be helpful for them to  be able to perform their role effectively.  What constitutes as a reasonable adjustment is ultimately a managerial decision and will be made within the parameters of the following factors:



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