Until its final send-off in 2015, Team Love Director Dave Harvey acted as Head of Bookings at Garden Festival Croatia, working closely with the festival’s directors to create the much-lauded ‘musical paradise’ that set the benchmark for Croatia’s acclaimed festival scene.

Working alongside Garden’s Croatian office Team Love was responsible for advancing the show and filling key on-site roles during the week of the festival itself, establishing an international crew for the event and an unparalleled friends-and-family atmosphere that permeated every aspect of the production.

The Garden was held in the beautiful setting of a Croatian seaside village attracting 3,000 party goers and over 150 artists every year in July, and as one of the first of its kind helped blaze a trail for the numerous Croatian festivals that return to the Aegean coast each year. Garden began in the quiet fishing village Petrcane in 2005 and in 2012 moved onto a larger site down the road in Tisno, becoming a flagship event in the European festival calendar.

2015 marked Garden’s 10th birthday as well as the last edition of the event as founder Nick Colgan took a step back from proceedings. In true Garden style the festival went out with a bang across four on site stages, over 20 idyllic boat parties and the famous all-night after parties at Barbarella’s discotheque.

2016 saw The Garden return in a new format entitled Love International. Produced entirely by Team Love, Love International will uphold Garden’s heritage and reputation for world-class programming whilst adding a multitude of new and exciting features.